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about me

Through mastering the language of dance, yoga, gyrotonic®, and movement in general, I have deeply explored, for a long period of time, the body domain, with a sincere thirst and curiosity for understanding its language, secrets, and codes. Movement never lies”, Martha Graham used to say. So true. Body doesn’t lie. It speaks through movement, which is an extension, an echo, of our soul, emotions, and psyche. And through shape, dimension, proportion, color, smell, energy…the aura! I am in awe constantly, and grateful for being a guest in such an amazing vehicle, which is the body. A body that never lies! 


My teaching is about sharing what I have personally experienced, and humbly understood and digested. With a wide open door to more, to new, to constant questioning, to evolution, to dynamic experience, and change.


I love teaching, and sharing something I believe is good and empowering for others, and makes a positive impact on people and myself on a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual level. Yoga indeed, with its powerful message of love and compassion, and its focus on physically and spiritually moving and breathing through life, changed me to a better person, and keeps healing and strengthening my whole being, getting deeper and deeper into my heart, breaking the layers to get to the core of the ego, and sweep it away with the power of  love


In service,        

Stefania Supriya

                                                photo by Sage Surner

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