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tune in

photo by monijara
Stefania Supriya Calabrese Dancing on the beach

I am a firm believer in cross training, that means varying the daily/weekly routine exercise, as the best way to keep body and mind healthy, strong, supple, and safe. And a firm believer in fun. This versatile class has a holistic approach, which considers the whole of each individual, rather than concentrating on single aspects. It incorporates and explores several elements, such as body tuning, which is a kind of self-massage with the use of theraphy balls among other props, mind centering and breathing exercises, yoga, dance technique, pilates, gyrotonic®, barwork, suspension work, and run if you are up to. It is tailored on the individual student or group needs, desires, and goals. The use of props are encouraged, such as therapy balls, foam rolls, foam blocks, elastic straps, yoga bolsters, blankets, chair, weights, etch. 

It promotes strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and a sense of general wellness. My goal is to serve you at the best of my possibilities, sharing with you a bit of my personal routine. Definitely a fun and energizing class.


Contact me with any inquiry and/or to book a class, course, or workshop for individual, group, or corporate. 

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