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yoga classes

photo by Debora Zucchi
Stefania Supriya Calabrese in Revolved Head-To-Knee Yoga Pose_Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana
Italian Flag, Yoga classes in Italian Language

Whether you choose hatha or vinyasa flow style, prenatal, gentle, or restorative, the class incorporates strong alignment and precision, to ensure a safe and effective practice at any level, and suite different body characteristics and ages. It explores a spiritual theme, to give direction and shape to the practice, enrich it, and elevate it to a wholesome experience, allowing groundedness, calmness of the mind, and spiritual questioning eventually to flower, along with suppleness, tone, strength, harmony, and energy of the body. All framed by a touch of playfulness.


This versatile class offers a diverse experience that comes from my polyhedral background, and long years of constant practice and search.


Contact me with any inquiry and/or to book classes, courses, workshops, or retreats for individual, group, or corporate. Or just to share your thoughts and inspirations. Namaste

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